Long Live the Command Line

There's an app for that!

The thing is, if you are doing more that just posting pictures of your dog online, making a todo list, or checking your bank account balance, there probably isn't an app for that.

I think that software development is currently going through a bloated phase of UX/UI design input that it stiffling the forward momentum of many projects.

So many now have their own mini wannabe Steve Jobs looking to add a responsive user interface to a product that is ultimately not going to be used in a manner that a design team can envision. Mostly because not everyone wants to click around in PhotoShop all day, and eventually delete .psd files and call them failed experiments.

Design is Rarely for Users

UI/UX designers have one purpose in mind, and that is to see their design become the abstraction that sits on top of a platform to act as the user interface. They add this to their creative portfolio, and if they are happy with it they will be proud to have designed something that people use everyday. At the very least they should have something that recommends them to the next client.

Along the way, the user is hopefully considered in this process and their experience is actually improved and not hindered. Unfortunately a clean user interface usually means hiding half the functions, and keeping it that way results in endless support emails complaining about it.

Can we downgrade?


Additionaly, very often a designer is asked to pour efforts and resources into a one off task, or a low visibility function, just for the sake of it and this consumes both design and development time on something of low value. Nothing says job satisfaction like that!

Get Out of My Way

Finally, I want to play with a product and to see how it runs, so deploy your design resources where they matter; close to the clicky stuff!

And create elegant and powerful command line tools with good documentation to let advanced users zip through providing the services to those users who don't want to look behind the curtain.