Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

The one and only reason for going into this town would be to buy electronic goods because they are so much cheaper than in either Brazil or Argentina.

It resembles the worst tourist town you can imagine, except the street touts are not trying to get you into bars offering free shots of sambuca, they are instead trying to coax you into electronic shops, and there are 1000s of electronic shops and 100s of touts. \n\nGood you might think, but what of you need something very specific and of genuine quality, not the fake chinese variety.

This takes a bit of looking, but I'll make it simple so you don't have to tour the streets and deal with the touts lying to you about the wares in their shops, and they will just lie, shamelessly and repeatedly, even in the face of overwhelming evidence against their claims! Shopping del Este is right over the border and will have all that you need if you are looking for something specific, like a GoPro, Mac charger or camera lens. Don't forget to haggle, and check the exchange rate before you cough up the dough!

Of course, feel free to tour around the streets and buy tasers, universal chargers, flick knives, DVD players, hairdryers, 42" plasma TVs, stereos, socks by the dozen, and anything JVC, Panasonic or Sony as these all seem to be perfectly good everywhere you go!

They must be, the touts promised!