Your Interface Is Not Intuitive

The abuse of language is one of the most unchecked diseases in society. Everyone engages in a little bit of linguistic subterfuge on occasion, so I am certainly not going to judge individuals too harshly, and many people make a very rewarding living out of it.

Lawyers, Marketeers, Politicians, and CEO’s are just some of the people whose whole career is built on twisting words and saying one thing that really means the complete opposite, and doing so in an unpindownable fashion. There is a skill to it, and I won't deny that.

But, while I may not judge a person too severely, for we are all only playing our self-absorbed role on this great stage, I do judge your company, product, or service incredibly harshly if I see such misleading usage of language.

For, how else am I to ascertain the quality of what you deliver, the integrity of your business, and the depth of reasoning behind your decisions?

You see, it’s how you message yourself in the hope of presenting yourself as different from others. That is why I am immediately repelled by the scent of hyperbole or the taste of misdirection. If you say things that have no meaning, make claims that have no substance, or present arguments that are illogical I assume you are a conman willing to say anything in return for getting what you want, usually at someone else's expense.

Working in tech I encounter a lot of situations where I notice this, and occasionally I am even compelled to engage in such abuses of language, insincerely, but for purposes of promotional content and material gain! I'm not unaware of my own failings to uphold high standards.

But when hierarchy is more often than not the result of a person being lucky, then you can’t really expect those making a linguistic overruling to be there on merit, intelligence, or even integrity.

“I know he's a good general, but is he lucky?” ~ Napoléon Bonaparte

So, this brings me back to what inspired the title of this post.

Intuitive means having the ability to understand or know something without any direct evidence or reasoning process.

My advice to really stand out. Mean what you say, and use the correct language to do so. To put it in startup terms; it's a USP!