Sleeping without the enemy

If you are feel like a bit of Sun Tzu style exercise some evening when in a warm country and under constant mosquito surveillence, here is a counter measure you can use to your advantage.

Firstly, lure the enemy into terrain you have previously scouted and filled with defences. Then as night falls, open a window and leave a light on. This will get the room full of the local mosquito militia. Given that chemical warfare is likely to get you threatened with a red line violation these days you should skip the napalm softening up tactics, and just engage the enemy immediately with kinetic force.

This means going straight into battle with the fully integrated Mosquito Air Defence System (MADS). Once the skies are filled with the enemy, and you have better visual confirmation of their location than the average Malaysian airplane search, you remove a number of MADS missiles from their loading bay and start locking onto your targets.

The lethal MADS V1 mosquito intercepter missile is a fully integrated throwaway system designed to engage the enemy on your terms. The high-spec system, camouflaged as rolled up socks, delivers lethal firepower exactly when and where you need it most: right in the dogfight!

You could even roll two up into a ball, but that double warhead V1.2 MADS configuration can prove too destructive should it encounter cultural objects once it is launched down range (beer, wine, etc), and as in all conflicts you want to minimize collateral damage. Once the skies are cleared, you can sleep easily on a bed of mosquito tears!

Happy hunting!