How markets reflect culture

This is just a minor post drawing a correlation between market behaviour and culture.
Many people bemoan the market for not producing or providing them with the goods or services they wish for right now, this minute, pronto!

But after a thorough, yet unfruitful look on piratebay for Spanish audio books I begin to see a pattern, and this is what I present to you for consideration!

For those people who have lived in a Spanish speaking country, you should already be familiar with the machine gun approach used to make conversations. It begins with loading the gun [a kiss], taking aim [looking at someone] and then unloading an endless stream of bullets [words].

This mass of creativity, productivity, and directed energy doesn't always result in something getting done, but talking has been used as a proxy for action by so many people that it's hardly a cultural insight.

The insight comes from the anti-talking part of a conversation. Often referred to as the "waiting for you turn", "check my texts", or #yawn bit. This phenomena is sometimes referred to in historical books, way back there in the appendix, as "listening". Apparently a quaint old custom used before we became fully civilised as a species.

Anyway, back to the markets, the correlation, audio books, and the dearth of options in Spanish.

Perhaps there is a link! Alguien me escucha, no? On the plus side, there is one positive. The top Spanish audio book is "Cuentos infantiles" - so, there is some hope for the future.

Until they learn to talk I guess!