Embracing Change

Change happens no matter what you do in life. Sometimes you make it, sometimes it's hoisted upon you, but most times it's a mixture of life demanding action which sets a change in motion. It's hard to say what the instigator is in that instance, is it reactive or proactive change?

Who cares?

Paralysis By Analysis

Sometimes we overthink causes in life and neglect to fully appreciate the effects. Who said or did what to whom is often more discussed than the result. This to me is a poor use of ones time. Cause and effect is as subjective as all other speculation past times.

We are given a finite amount of everything in life; time, willpower, motivation, patience, intelligence, you name it. Even our imagination is limited. These all vary depending on your circumstances but nonetheless there are limits.

You are a product of your environment, but that is no excuse!

Limits Are Good

Despite those limits, we are not constrained by them, because within each one there is a huge spectrum of different approaches, philosophies, and paths that you can explore to keep you stimulated for as long as the electrons keep firing between you synapses.

The limits don't act as barriers to growth or change, but more like sign posts turning you back once to have gone to far down a dead end.

You can only walk half way into a forest!

Change stimulates your mind in so many positive ways, and a few negative ones too, but the outcome is almost always positive if you can embrace change and use it to help you grow and become happier.

Nothing rots the mind like routine

Once you reach these limits and nothing challenges you in a positive way any more, then it is time for change. If you don't make a conscious effort to bring about that change required to keep you fresh, then you'll stagnate.

Shed Anchors

The most effective way to handle this is to embrace change into your life, stay nimble, and unattached to inanimate objects.

You don't need that thing!

For a number of years now I've had a philosophy of buying nothing that I couldn't put into a backpack, and despite having a car for most of that time, I managed to stick to it for everything else.

Two years ago I got a swanky new bike, and last year I finally jettisoned the car. I haven't looked back, in fact, it's been great even though prior to that I couldn't imagine getting by without four wheels and a Diesel engine.

Slight cheat: I did move to countries with better weather and good public transport

I am now fully inline with that goal, and it's liberating. I don't have any stuff that requires my presence, and my Apple, Horse chestnut, Ash, and Sycamore trees require minimal maintenance. I just prune them excessively in the Winter, and nature seems to do the rest.

Save Money

Actually, before I continue here. One point to note, money doesn't grow on those trees, no matter how useful mother nature is. When you are making some money, bank it, and don't be tempted by that shiny new product. Change is often hindered by financial constraints, so don't let that finite resource limit you as best you can.

Promoting Change

Once you drop all silly attachments, then you will find that you are in a more agreeable frame of mind to accept curve balls. In fact, you'll probably be looking forward to the entertainment.

You'll be ready to embrace change into your life and make the best of most situations. No matter how awkward or unwelcome it may originally seem to be.

Much like having a rotten tooth pulled out, for a time you'll want the old form back because the new space is empty, feels weird, and sometimes it does bleed. But your breath will be so much better!

Great Changes Will Appear

Once you are surfing on a particular wave of change, you'll find that more will start coming your way. Challenging you in life and pushing you in directions you didn't foresee. Occasionally, one of these waves will be a big one that'll knock you for six.

Whether initially in a positive or negative direction is irrelevant, as it's all about how you embrace the change and use it to take you places you haven't been.

Jump at the chances it provides

Changes that seem to promise only positive growth are rare, and need to be embraced wholeheartedly. You have to be bold, and discard anything in the past that would hold you back.

Once you take the mental leap to fill the void with positivity and put your shoulder to the wheel though, you can create situations and opportunities that enrich who you are, and spur you on to becoming a stronger version of yourself

This is why I try and set myself up to be pro-change because it's what keeps refining those rough edges I have that can only be improved through friction with life!